ICPE Medal

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In 1979  George Marx, a Hungarian researcher in the field of physics education, proposed to institute a medal to recognise “outstanding contributions to physics teaching of a kind that transcends national boundaries”. The ICPE medal recipient should have fulfilled two criteria.

The first award of the medal was made in 1980 to Professor Eric M. Roger. The awarding ceremony took place during the Trieste Conference on Education for Physics Teaching.

To get an impression of the shape of the ICPE medal, please look at the figure at the top of this page. The medal was designed by the Hungarian artist Miklós Borsos. The face shows a symbolic picture: the interaction of human beings with forces of nature. You will recognise the four elements of the ancient Greek philosophers – earth, water, air and fire, the last one being symbolised by powerful rays of sunlight. People at the beginning were afraid of it, but then man kind has been enlightened by the light of wisdom. The rear of the medal bears the text:


“Awarded to  N.N.  by the International Commission on Physics Education of IUPAP for long and distinguished service to physics education”.


The list of awardees since 1979 reads like an “WHO IS WHO” of physics education.

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-Prepared by Juergen Sahm