Internet Sites

Compiled by Dan Campbell, Associate Editor



Index of every museum in the world that has a web page. Organized by country. All kinds of museums including art, science, cultural, zoos, etc.

Astromonical WWW Resources

Comprehensive list of every astronomy resource that has a web page. Includes observatories, societies, university departments, astronomers' personal pages, etc.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Includes a short biography of every Nobel Prize winner in each category along with a description of what they did to win their prize. Each person's page also has links to other pages dedicated to that person. Includes pages, links, and commentary for the Ig Nobel prizes too.

Physics Lover's paradise

Big index of web sites devoted to famous physicists, institutions, astronomy, nuclear, particle, & theoretical physics.

Also links to various physics periodicals and places from which to start a search for information. Overall, a very informative page.

Science in the Classroom

Project Physics

Great locally-produced site with several projects emphasizing creativity and scientific principles that students can work on as a team.


Commercial site that advertises itself as having the largest collection if illusions anywhere. Great source of puzzles, science projects, and of course illusions. With index to other illusion and puzzle sites and a bibliography.

University of Queensland Department of Physics

See especially pages for the PH128 HyperTextbook (an on-line text), the Physics Museum (pictures and description of old experimental equipment), and the Physics in Action program (with a physics puzzle to solve).

C-ship: Relativistic Ray Traced Images

C-ship helps the user understand Einstein's theory of Special Relativity through computer-synthesized images. Images show what observers on the ship see as it approaches light speed. Demonstrates Lorentz shift, dialation of time, aberration of light, Doppler shift, etc.

Virtual Laboratory

Series of experiments using Java Applets for students in mechanics, thermodynamics, astrophysics, and electricity.

Lecture Demonstration Sites

Here is a list of university physics departments with good lecture demonstration catalogs. This list is by no means all-inclusive or even necessarily the best, just some good ones I have noticed.

University of Maryland

University of Oregon

University of Glasgow

Virginia Tech

North Carolina State University

Case Western Reserve University

California Polytechnical University, Pomona

University of Melbourne

Society for Amateure Science

This fascinating site could also be in the Science in the Classroom category as it is filled with interesting projects as well as demonstrations. Make your own clouds, electrostatic motor, holograms, and other fun science projects at very low cost. Site also contains fome dangerous experiments that generate hot plasma and large charges of electricity.

And Finally

Physics Humor

Large index of physics and other academic humor sites.