Scientific and Cultural Aspects of the Bicycle:
An International Pedagogical Project

This project is a multi-national effort to collaborate on the adaptation and creation of pedagogical materials.  The bicycle, a highly developed yet simple device, is the focus of this effort.  Students and faculty are using materials developed in a variety of countries and creating new materials using contemporary multimedia.  This effort began almost 15 years ago when Robert Fuller and Dean Zollman created the videodisc Energy Transformations featuring the Bicycle at about the same time that the PLON Project in The Netherlands developed the teaching module Traffic and the British Open University developed a course on Materials and Structures which featured the bicycle.  These efforts were independent of each other.  Since that time we have worked to combine instructional materials from these and other countries.

Project Web Site at the Unversity of Amsterdam

Contents of KSU Bicycle Project Web Site

  Description and Application of 2000-2001 International Exchange Program

  International Study & Exchange Program

Workshops on the Bicycle in Science, Technology and Culture, 1995 International Conference on the Bicycle in Science Pedagogy

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Principal Investigator at Kansas State University is Dean Zollman  email:

The project has received funding from the Association of Big 8 (now Big 12) Universities, the U.S. National Science Foundation, the European Commission, and the U.S. Department of Education.
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