Spring 2013 K-SUPER Seminar Schedule

Cardwell 119

Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise specified) 


January 30 Organizational Meeting  
February 6 Group Meeting with Sam McKagan, AAPT & McKagan Enterprises  
February 13 Andrew Bennett & Carlos Castillo-Garsow C3 Institutes for Improving Teachers' Understanding of Mathematics and Pedagogy
February 20 Jessica Dwyer Synopsis of Proposed Just in Time Teaching Research
February 27 Paul Irving Identity Development in Upper Level Physics Students
March 6 Ellie Sayre Assessing Thinking like Physicists
March 13 Xian Wu Discourse Analysis of Group Discussion in Upper-Level Laboratory
March 20 Spring Break  
March 25 Geoff Potvin Exploring the Impacts of Classroom Practices on Students' Physics Identities and Career Intentions
March 27 Dehui Hu & Amy Rouinfar (NARST Practice Talks) Hu:  Shifting College Students’ Epistemologial Framing Using Hypothetical Debate Problems
Rouinfar:  Students’ Visual Attention While Using an Online Physics Tutoring System
April 3 Claudia Fracchiolla Promoting Physics in a Fun Way
April 10 No Seminar (NARST Conference)  
April 17 Group Meeting  
April 24 Ying Chen Fictive Movement and Animation of Inanimate: Two Pervasive Metaphors in Understanding Mathematics in Physics
May 1 No Seminar (AERA Conference)  
May 8 Stephanie McCutcheon Analyzing Education Reform in the Marshall Islands: A Comparative International Approach