Research and development

The Visual Quantum Mechanics (VQM) materials were researched and developed by the Physics Education Research Group (PERG) at Kansas State University (KSU). About 175 teachers in 160 schools field-tested VQM. Conceptual assessments, observations and attitudinal surveys were used to assess learning and usability of the materials.

Results indicated that students learned the intended concepts and the software effectively facilitated students' model building processes (Escalada, 2001). Students and teachers attitudes towards VQM were very positive and the materials facilitated active learning in the classroom (Escalada et. al., 2004; Zollman et. al., 2002). The software programs developed for VQM have won five awards from the American Institute of Physics.

Instructional units

Comprehensive instructional units were developed to accompany the software programs. These written materials, including computer installable versions of these programs, are available from Ztek® Co.

Publications and papers