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Introduction and Equipment:

In this activity you will perform a series of experiments to build a model of material which converts low-energy infrared light into higher energy visible light.

You may obtain a small card containing this material from Radio Shack (part #267-1099). You will also need a TV or VCR remote control and an infrared lamp. The lamp should emit most of its energy in the form in the non-visible infrared portion of the spectrum. When it is on, the lamp should be a deep red color. These lamps are available at most hardware stores. (See Figure 1.) "Heat Lamps" which produce a white light will not work.

Figure 1: The best heat lamp is similar to this one.

Finally, you will need a very small amount of colored transparent plastic. This material is available at office supply stores. You may also be able to cut pieces from plastic packages. You must be able to see at least one color transmitted through the plastic. In this experiment you will need to use red, green and blue colored plastics.