Fascination of Physics

Jacqueline D. Spears & Dean Zollman

©  1985 Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co., 1990 Jacqueline D. Spears & Dean Zollman

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I Space and Time

1 Position and Change

2 Describing Motion

3 Relative Motion at Low Speeds

4 Special Theory of Relativity

Interlude: Past, Present, Future, and Elsewhere

II Interactions and Forces

5 Interaction and Momentum

6 Interaction and Force

7 Newton's Three Laws

8 The Fundamental Interactions

Interlude: Each Step Beyond

III Energy

9 Energy

10 Thermal Energy in Matter

11 How Thermal Energy Is Transferred

12 Thermodynamics

13 Atoms, Molecules, and Thermal Energy

Interlude: Social Issues and the Energy Crisis

IV  Waves and Particles

14 Making Waves

15 Waves: Sound and Electromagnetic

16 Interference and Diffraction

17 Wave-Particle Duality

18  Light, Quanta, and Atoms

Interlude: Newton to Heisenberg

From Electricity to the Nucleus

19 Turning on the Lights

20 Electromagnetism

21 Radioactivity

22 Nuclear Energy

Epilogue: Science, Technology, and Risk

Appendix A: Systems of Measurement

+Appendix B: Powers of Ten


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