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History of Radiology
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Physics & the Detection of Medical X-Rays
History of Radiology

Physicians saw immediately the value of being able to look inside a body with x-rays.  Röntgen's pictures of his wife's hand and of small animals led the way to early use of x-rays as diagnostic tools.  At the same time many rather strange applications and concerns were proposed.  For example,  x-ray proof clothing was sold so that one could be protected from the prying eyes of those people who could see x-rays or x-ray machines were installed in shoe stores so that one could see how well the shoe fit.  The damage that x-rays could cause was slowly understood and the x-ray machines in show stores disappeared in the 1950s.

In recent years methods have improved and computer analysis has become available.  The results are much better pictures and three dimensional images created from a series of two-dimensional images.  

Behind the Images
A set of images with scripts for each of the images.  A teacher who wished to give a lecture on the early histroy of x-rays can start here.

A Century of Radiology
A chronological description of the history of x-rays in medicine from their discovery to modern cancer therapy.  Includes many pictures.

The X-Ray Century
A history written as if it were newspaper accounts of events in 1895 and 1896.  Drawing from historical sources are included.

Radiology: A Brief History
Just what the title says.  Mostly text.

Geschichte der Radiologie
Just what the title says, also brief.  Mostly text.

Geschichte der Radiologie
At the bottom of the page is a chronology with links to explanations of major advances in radiology.

19 pictures.  Most show important locations in Röntgen's life.  The last few show images taken with some modern techniques such a computer tomography.

Medical Applications of X-rays
This 10-page artilce appeared in SLAC's Beamline magazine.  It inlcudes reproductions of many early x-rays, inlcuding a fraudulent image of a person's "brain."  PDF.

Naked to the Bone
The first chapter of a book on the history of medical imaging.  This chapter is worth reading even if you don't buy the book. 

X-Ray Tube History
In addition to Röntgen's work this site discusses early manufacturing of x-ray tubes.

One Hundred Years of Medical Radiology
This history includes many medical applications

Shoe Fitting X-Ray Device
A description and history of this device.  Most links at the bottom of this page are broken.

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