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What are X-Rays
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Physics & the Detection of Medical X-Rays
What are x-rays

X-rays are a high-energy part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  All of the properties of light and other electromagnetic waves can also be applied to x-rays.  Placing x-rays in the spectrum in comparison to other forms of radiation is valuable for student understanding.  thus, many of the links on this page provide comparison among the various forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Each of the following pages presents the electromagnetic spectrum and indicates how x-rays fit into that spectrum.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
A description of each part of the spectrum with examples.

Das elektromagnetische Spektrum
A chart with wavelength identified with the type of wave.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Starts with "What are waves?" and moves through a series of steps to electromagentic waves.

Das elektromagnetische Spektrum
A nice graphic of the spectrum with only a little text.  Almost language independent.

The Electromangentic Spectrum
A chart with wavelength, frequency and energy (in both eV and J.)

Das elektromagnetische Spektrum
A chart with wavelength, frequency and examples for each region

The Electromangentic Spectrum
A chart with wavelength, frequency and examples for each region

Das elektromagnetische Spektrum
A wavelength scale with links to text descriptons of each type of radiation.

arte Experiment Wissen: Das elektromagnetische Spektrum
Very high quality interactive graphics.  Needs both a high speed internet connection and a fast computer. 

Tour the Spectrum
An interactive "self guided tour" of the spectrum.  Requires Flash.

X-rays and Energy
A printable chart that relates the wavelength and energy of electromagnetic radiation.

Spectrum calculator
You can slide a cursor along a spectrum and obtain values of frequency, wavelength and energy in a variety of units.

Elektromagnetische Strahlung
A description of the electromagnetic spectrum with a nice chart on the left side.

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